Water Ceremony at Whey-ah-Wichen / Cates Park North Vancouver

TWN Sacred Trust invites you to a Water Ceremony on Sunday June 25th at Whey-ah-Wichen / Cates
Park in North Vancouver.  This is the fourth and final of a series of water ceremonies. The ceremony will
be led by Elder Minnie (Grinder) Kenoras, Red Hummingbird Woman (Judy Wilson) and Sun Woman
(JoAnne Buffalo), Xaliya (Ta7ah – Amy George), Ts’simtelot (Charlene Aleck) and Roxanne Charles. 

“In this Water Ceremony we honour water that is coming from the source. Water is living. Water is Sacred. By our ceremony we let water know we are here for water. We let Creator know, in mind, body, and spirit that we are here to help water. We recognize that water is more important than oil and gas. Industry, extractive resources and pollutants go into the water. In this way there is a lot of harm happening to our water. We all have to be able to work together in turning around this destructive path that we are on.”  -Red Hummingbird Woman (Judy Wilson) long time political leader and advocate for Secwépemcul’ecw and Indigenous Rights. 

The first Water Ceremony in this series was held on the banks of the Fraser River on May 29, 2021.
Indigenous leaders and supporters gathered partly in response to Trans Mountain’s plans to begin
drilling under the Fraser River. Since then two other water ceremonies have been offered at Kwekwecnewtxw – Coast Salish Watch House on Burnaby Mountain, in association with HUG the Mountain. This ceremony closes the series by recognizing & honouring youth water protectors, as well as water walkers, water carriers, wisdom keepers, and other helpers.

We invite you to witness and participate in this water ceremony to connect and deepen your relationship with water. The water ceremony will be followed by a feast at TWN Community Gym. RSVP is requested to attend the feast. Please RSVP to: sacredtrust@twnation.ca


Schedule for the day
Whey-ah-Wichen/Cates Park in North Vancouver

9:30 am Big Canoe Launch (you are welcome to bring your kayak or other self propelled vessel to join the water flotilla). 
11:00 am Water Ceremony 

Tsleil-Waututh Community Gym

1:00 pm Mountain-Ocean Feast (TWN Community Gym, 3010 Sleil-Waututh Rd, North Vancouver) 


How to Prepare

Come prepared for the weather. Hot, sunny, wet, windy, not sure. 
Learn to Sing the Water Song (optional)


To get involved contact Ascher@sierraclub.bc.ca


We are calling for donations to directly support Indigenous travel and ceremony costs at: https://twnsacredtrust.ca/what-you-can-do/

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