What You Can Do

Want to help the Tsleil Waututh people stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline?

Donate to our Legal Defence Fund:

The Tsleil-Waututh nation is taking Kinder Morgan to the courts, and we need your help. We do not consent to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

We have set up a donation page for our legal fees with RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs). Please help the Tsleil-Waututh people stop Kinder Morgan and donate to our legal defence fund here.


Contact Your MLA

  • The best way to help is to contact your MLA, we have set up an easy-to-use tool to call your MLA.
  • Just choose any of the five topics below that matter to you and follow the instructions on the page.

Tell your MLA why we need Climate Leadership, not Kinder Morgan.

Tell your MLA to Choose Reconciliation, not Kinder Morgan.

Tell your MLA to Protect our health, not Kinder Morgan.

Tell your MLA to Choose a sustainable economy, not Kinder Morgan.

Tell your MLA to Protect Orcas and Endangered Species, not Kinder Morgan.

Send your Message to Christy Clark


Are you a Mom? Send a personalised picture message like the one below to Christy Clark: 

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Would tanker traffic increase if the proposed pipeline was built? « BACK TO FAQ   Yes, the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project could result in a massive increase in tanker traffic in the Burrard Inlet. Now, approximately 30 to 70 tankers move through the Inlet per year. The project would see this number increased to over 400 large crude oil tankers per year (Assessment Report, p. 44). The increase in tanker traffic increases the risk of spills in the vulnerable Burrard Inlet environment. Crude oil spills in marine areas are especially...
If the overall economic impact of the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is negative, how com... « BACK TO FAQ Contrary to the National Energy Board (NEB) report released in May 2016, there is no economic need and for the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline, and economic benefits do not outweigh economic risks. Experts like economist Robyn Allan show that the NEB’s conclusions are faulty, as research was based on a flawed methodology and outdated information (Allan, 2016, pp. 1-2). The NEB did not consider the economic interests of all Canadians and refused to assess “the environmental...
How would fish, birds, and other wildlife be affected by the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeli... « BACK TO FAQ Fish, birds, and other wildlife are in the immediate path of harm in the event of any oil spill, major or minor. Here's how: Any marine birds near an oil spill risk oiling and probable death. A major spill could result in one of the top bird mortality events ever caused by oil because of the exceptional abundance and diversity of birds in Burrard Inlet and in the Fraser Delta: such a spill would kill up to 500,000 birds (Trans Mountain Assessment Report, p. 35, 70) Man...
How would Orcas be impacted by the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline? « BACK TO FAQ Marine Mammals, including orca, are at risk in the event of an oil spill: Southern resident killer whales in British Columbia are considered endangered species, while northern whales are considered threatened but recovery plans in place are weak (Raincoast Conservation Foundation, 2014) Many marine mammals, including orca (also called blackfish or southern resident killer whale), reside in or visit Burrard Inlet (Trans Mountain Assessment Report, p. 32). Map: Areas u...

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